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Timeless Anti-Aging Facial
Dare to defy time!  Ideal for dehydrated, dry or mature skin, this facial delivers visible results with cutting edge ingredients and microcurrent technology.  Fight the signs of visible aging and reduce those well-earned fine lines and wrinkles.  You will leave refreshed, and glowing...Timeless.

Deep Sleep Massage
The only one of its kind, this deeply relaxing head, neck and shoulder and back massage, uses warmed organic aromatherapy oils specifically designed for limitless relaxation.  A calming tea ritual follows with a heated herbal compress placed on tense back muscles to melt away stress, as you fall into a deep slumber. 60 minute massage & tea ritual, 20 minute deep sleep slumber.

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial
This revolutionary seaweed facial is a truly me-time treatment with extraordinary results.  A handcrafted "Minkyti" massage technique regenerates and oxygenates the skin.  Freshly harvested seaweed leaves are placed on the face over a warm poultice seaweed mask to nourish and hydrate the skin.  To top it off, we enhance the mask with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.

Illuminating Facial
Lighten up! Reveal a brighter complexion with this corrective treatment created specifically to reverse the effects of premature aging caused by sun damage. Lightens hyper-pigmentation and leaves your skin glowing.

Therapeutic Stone Massage
A full body massage, encompassing warm stones with light to moderate pressure.  Experience this time-honored practice which brings deep, restorative rest.  Our massage therapist gently glides smooth stones over the body, providing warmth that soothes mind and muscles, increases circulation, improves tone and induces tranquility and serenity. Himalayan Salt Stone or Volcanic Stone available by location.

Duet Massage
Room for two!  Your very own private spa room for you and another.  The duet encourages unity, connection and collective calm.  Ease stress and unwind as two therapists perform side-by-side Swedish massages that help the two of you relax.

Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap
A truly amazing body therapy inspired by the sea. Fresh leaves of Atlantic seaweed cocoon the body to detoxify, moisturize, soften and revive the body. The treatment begins with an exfoliation using finely ground seaweed, which is followed by a wrap of seaweed for the body. While the seaweed's minerals, vitamins and amino acids work their magic, you will be treated to a relaxing scalp massage.

Lavender & Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure
Delightful and invigorating pedicure that removes lifeless layers with a healthy refining scrub that quickly re-polishes unwanted calluses. A warm volcanic stone massage eases foot tension and immediately calms the mind. 
(Available only at our Westin Riverwalk location.)

Warm Agave Nectar Manicure
Warm agave nectar with a heavenly light scent is purposely drizzled over the feet and legs followed with a soothing heel to knee massage. Relish the experience. 
(Available only at our Westin Riverwalk location.)

Woodhouse Escape
Peace and harmony of the body, mind and spirit with seven specialized treatments. This blissful, head-to-toe ritual begins with a gentle organic myrtle, olive stone, and sea salt body polish, followed by a soothing hot towel massage. Next, a therapeutic neck and shoulder treatment releases upper body tension, while the warming, volcanic stone massage deeply relaxes the muscles. Then, the restorative ancient art of reflexology is performed on the hands and feet. The Escape culminates with a relaxing head and scalp massage and facial acupressure. A peaceful Woodhouse journey. 


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