East Meets West


A divine combination of Reflexology and Shirodhara Scalp Massage.
Soma literally means “Bliss”. This profoundly relaxing treatment combines the ancient arts of Reflexology and Shirodhara to calm the central nervous system. This Ayurvedic experience integrates the mind and body to achieve a heightened state of awareness and contentment.
50 minutes      $110

Light to moderate pressure foot massage.
This remarkable ancient technique massages the reflex zones of the feet inducing deep relaxation to the entire body by releasing the flow of energy. Not only will your feet feel terrific, you will also experience increased energy.
25 minutes      $65
50 minutes      $110

An Ayurvedic head and scalp massage.
This healing technique begins with your therapist pouring a special blend of warm, nutritive oils on the center of the forehead, releasing all mental tension and restoring serenity. A relaxing head and scalp massage follows. This uplifting experience encourages a state of heavenly well-being.
You may request head and scalp massage without the use of oil. Shower amenities readily available.
25 minutes      $65
50 minutes      $110

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